Pre-project Consulting

IFK Hotel Management pre-project consulting provides opportunity to evaluate project perspectives and guarantee effective space use.

IFK Hotel Management

IFK Hotel Management is not a consulting firm. Our business is hotel management. We are interested in long-term partnership and recognize our responsibility for results. In case an owner is interested in durable relation with IFK Hotel Management our specialists provide pre-project consulting free of charge.


We realize the risks of the approach we follow. Though basing on experience we’ve got we asset that trustful partner relation is strategic resource. And in the most of cases, it is to be capitalized in the future.

IFK Hotel Management pre-project consulting services include:

  • Brief market overview.
  • New hotel conception development or adaptation of existing one. Reasoned recommendations.
  • Overview and recommendations on space planning and functional zoning of public and guest areas, technical zones and backoffice.
  • Reasoned recommendation on international branding.
  • Providing clear information about all commercial conditions, opportunities and advantages of the partnership.
  • Detailed description of partnership algorithm.
  • Calculation of operating hotel P&L (forecast).
  • Providing other additional information required to make management decisions.

There is no need to pay for the opportunity to make right decisions.

Owner gets:

  1. Clear and reasoned Cooperation Offer including optimal conception description, basic specifications of future property and recommendations on its market positioning.
  2. Means of evaluation of business development perspectives, advisability of the partnership and investment project on the whole.
  3. Each sq. meter effectiveness through professional hotel conception development and reasonable spacing.