Our business philosophy is based on balance when guests smile and return, employees are successful and effective, owners are prosperous and make a profit from investments.


IFK Hotel Management provides hotel management services with the participation of well-known international brands, as well as management of independent hotels that are not part of any hotel chain. Management is carried out in the interests of organizations of various forms of ownership and private investors. In our work, we apply a project approach. The development of any hotel facility is a project that takes several stages from the idea of creation to the operating hotel:

  • 1. Idea
  • 2. Concept
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Construction
  • 5. Finishing and furnishing
  • 6. Hotel

IFK Hotel Management is a Russian management company with the authority of international
hotel operators. The company has a full-fledged office in Moscow and a team of experienced,
highly skilled specialists in each of the areas of work. IFK Hotel Management team interacts with owners and developers, makes decisions promptly,
provides support and professional services at all stages of the development of the hotel project.

Each of the stages of the project development is supported by the appropriate legal framework,
the relationship between the management company and the owner of the object:

  • Letter of intent (LOI)
  • Technical support agreement (TSA)
  • Management agreement (MA)
  • Franchise agreement (FA)

We create and emphasize the unique characteristics of each hotel, introducing and maintaining international management standards and requirements of the chosen brand. Regular monitoring of the level of expenditure and daily operational work to increase income levels are key factors in the profitability of the hotel project. By choosing as a partner managing
IFK Hotel Management, you will start saving and earning at the earliest stages of the project.