Food & Beverage Concepts

Travelling around the world, people like to try local cuisine, so finding out more about the country or city which they visit. Golden Tulip hotels always provide guests with such an opportunity by offering national dishes and drinks in menu of their restaurants.

One of the standardized restaurant concepts of Golden Tulip is BRANCHE Restaurant Bar & Lounge. This concept can be successfully implemented in three-star hotels as the main restaurant and in the five star properties as one of several restaurants.

Branche Restaurant, Bar & Lounge 

The Name Story

The name Branche is derived from nature and the diversity of the seasons. In particular, as the name suggests, from the trees and their harvests. The food and drink at Branche are natural, fresh and recognisable, the way nature has intended food to look and taste. The interior reflects this approach as well. The colour scheme combined with used materials give a rich, warm, natural and familiar atmosphere.

Food & Drink Concept

The food concept of Branche is based on offering comfort food and favourites. Fresh, healthy and recognisable food is the key thought behind the food concept. The basis of the food style is American-European cuisine, but the menu also features some Asian-style food. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, allowing quick meals such as a sandwich or burger, or full-scale meals consisting of multiple courses.

Very typical of Branche is the flexibility the guest may experience. Smaller meat sizes and separate sauces and side dishes, allow guests to order their meal just the way they like it. The drink concept of Branche follows the food concept; casual and a bit robust. The Libbey glassware line gives the drink service an unmistakably American touch. Branche’s signature drinks include Lemonade, smoothies & shakes and the classic cocktail selection.

Service Concept

‘Good service may compensate for mediocre food, but mediocre service can never be compensated by good food.’ You may believe in this old saying or not, however the service at Branche is very important. We have a “can do” attitude and our motto is ‘The answer is yes; what was the question?’

Interior Concept

Branche offers an integrated solution to the hotel operator and hotel guest; an area with multiple food and drink activities throughout the day. The bar, the Lounge and the restaurant intertwine easily with one other, allowing guests to roam from one area to the next and allowing the operation to concentrate its activities in one large area, instead of having the outlets spread over the hotel.

The interior design style of Branche can be described as a natural and modern environment, furnished with classical furniture elements.

Flooring of warm wood tones are combined with stone walkways. The brown and beige colour scheme for the walls are enriched by stone clad walls or pillars. The hybrid of the natural and classical styles gives the restaurant on the one side a organised look and feel, but at the other hand as well a feeling of being in a large living area of a home.

Food & Beverage Concepts

Branche Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
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