Our Team

Our senior executive team are directly involved in delivering on our owner’s visions and long term goals for every property we work with.

We’ve successfully built highly effective, cross-functional team with unique ability to understand the industry and regional business traditions from all angles. Possessing over half a century of combined experience gained in leading international and Russian companies our team provides a comprehensive and strategic service.


CEO, Managing Partner

Marsel  Izmaylov is co-founder and CEO of IFK Hotel Management. Mr. Izmaylov serves as the company visionary and practice leader for IFK Hotel Management, whose strategic insight extends to all business processes within the company, specifically in the areas of operation, development, business planning and investment strategies. Mr. Izmaylov’s unparalleled industry philosophies and knowledge shape the direction of IFK Hotel Management.

Prior to co-founding IFK Hotel Management, Mr. Izmaylov had owned and operated numerous businesses. The passion in hospitality has let him to establish Hospitality Management Company. Mr. Izmaylov is a graduate of Moscow State University, where he earned his degree in mathematics and he graduated with Honors.



Maxim Krymskiy has been being a member of the board of directors since June 2010. As one of the founders of IFK Hotel Management, from the very beginning served as General Manager. He was responsible for long range strategic planning, overall operations, business management and continuous evaluation of IFK Hotel Management operations.

Prior to co-founding IFK Hotel Management, Mr. Krymskiy served as Executive Director at Maxima Hotels since 2004. Mr. Krimskiy is a graduate of Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy, where he obtained his degree in economics. 


Business Development Director, Deputy CEO

Tatiana Avdoshina joined IFK Hotel Management team in 2009 as Development Director responsible for business development and regional expansion of the managed and franchised hotels. Mrs. Avdoshina started her way in hospitality in 1995. She served in various hotels such as Sheraton Palace (former Marco Polo Palace Hotel), Marriott Grand Hotel, Marriott Tverskaya Hotel, Atlas Park Hotel and worked for consulting companies such as Leders2Leaders and Colliers International.

Mrs. Avdoshina graduated from Moscow International Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management and Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. Tatiana is an author of numerous articles and frequently acts as an expert in professional and business media. 


Technical Director

Dmitry Kozlov started working at IFK Hotel Management in 2015 as Technical Director and the head of Technical Department of the company. His main areas of responsibilities include: technical support of projects — from site identification to completion of construction — and overall coordination of design, development and maintaining of the operated properties.
Prior joining IFK hotel Management Mr. Kozlov had been working as construction and investment project manager for several large Russian and international companies for more than 15 years. Dmitry Kozlov graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Construction Department).

Chief Financial Officer

Maxim Izmaylov joined IFK Hotel Management team in 2010 as Assistant Development Director being responsible for financial forecasting of company projects. Since 2015 Mr. Izmaylov works as Chief Financial Officer, where he is responsible for controlling corporate financial resources, financial reporting, and overall financial management of hotels managed by IFK HM. Mr. Izmaylov started his hospitality career in 2006.
Maxim Izmaylov graduated with honors from Moscow State University, department of mechanics and mathematics.

Senior Project Manager

Philipp Gutorov started working at IFK Hotel Management back in 2011. As a senior project manager he accomplishes company’s technical project objectives by planning and evaluating project activities on different stages. Mr. Gutorov achieves operational objectives by communication and contributing recommendations to technical specialists on the sites, completing audits and resolving problems.
Philipp Gutorov graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and obtains experience of engineer systems designer, hotel interior and outdoor advertising designer.

Office Manager

Julia Mitrofanova is responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth run of Moscow office of IFK Hotel Management. On everyday basis Julia makes sure that all administration processes work effectively, office equipment is maintained and relevant records are up to date.
Before becoming a part of IFK Hotel Management team Julia held a position of Senior Administrator at Sberbank Corporate University. Julia Mitrofanova completed her degree in economics at Moscow Aviation Institute and obtained a diploma of Tourism Manager at Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism.

Our Team

Success means having a strong supportive team, which is capable of helping you reach new heights
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