Technical Support

Close cooperation of a property owner and management company at preliminary stages — designing, concept developing and functional zoning — will help to avoid a number of possible future mistakes.

Mistakes occurred at designing stage of a hotel project are expressed in technological gaps, functional “fails” while operating; and may cause owner’s extra costs. This can be avoided by signing Technical Support Agreement with IFK Hotel Management.

Basic services


Basic services provided by IFK Hotel Management within the framework of technical support implemented at different stages of a hotel project (including designing and construction):

  • Audit and analysis of project documentation, analysis of the property conception and other documentation provided by an owner. Elaboration of area distribution program and basic hotel conception.
  • Providing recommendations regarding effective area planning, functional zoning, optimization of horizontal and vertical functional connections and directions of people flows.
  • Providing the technical regulations and requirements (accordingly to the selected hotel category) including recommendations regarding architectural and design solutions, and hotel engineering systems.
  • Recommendations providing and participation in creating and approval of design project of all hotel functional zones.
  • Recommendations concerning building materials, equipment and amenities.
  • Consulting and assistance in selecting suppliers of services, equipment, furniture, building materials as well as design, construction, equipment and furnishing professionals.
  • Development of the OS&E and FF&E specifications required for further equipment and operation.
  • Listing of requirements for “Sample room” in compliance with approved design project.
  • Monitoring of CMP and engineering systems installation to ensure the compliance with the selected hotel category and brand.
  • Progress and quality of finishing works monitoring; detailed notes and recommendations providing.
  • Accompanying starting-up and adjustment of hotel equipment and systems (within technical pre-opening).
  • Completion of work (equipping and furnishing of guestrooms, public areas and maintenance zones) control in respect of compliance with requirements and standards.